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Self Taught Artist
Ahu Effrat

Self taught artist Ahu was born in Izmir, Turkey on June 25th 1977 to Orhan and Gunes Ölçer. She is the eldest of 3 sisters, Banu and Cansu. Currently she resides in California, with her husband, Alec Effrat.

As a self taught artist Ahu taught herself how to paint, her unique style and how she approaches a painting with use of color, brush strokes and texture creates a  long lasting story. Her story is of  two lands her home Turkey where she was raised then as an adult studied psychology and worked with kids /art therapy. She went to states where and meeting her husband Alec.

Her inspiration comes from many different cultures and how these cultures cross and bind her creative vision and how Ahu wants to bring art to  many.

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